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Italian article this am

Misrepresents what I say a bit, but they do have my picture next to JFK! ;) The IMF: sovereign currency, no longer the monopoly of the banks Eliminate the public debt of the United States at once, and do the same with Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Greece. At the same time ...Read More

China’s Wen Suggests Euro Funding After Meeting With Merkel

Out of the goodness of their hearts. Not if, but Wen- China’s Wen Suggests Euro Funding After Meeting With Merkel Feb 6 (Bloomberg) — Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao raised the prospect of contributing to the euro-area’s bailout programs, telling Chancellor Angela Merkel that China may be prepared to assist in resolving its ...Read More

IMF staff on Japan

For another example of really bad analysis from the IMF (2011), see: “ Raising the Consumption Tax in Japan: Why, When, How?” Some quotes from the summary: “ [IMF] Staff analysis reported here suggests that a gradual increase in the consumption tax [in Japan] dfrom 5 percent to 15 percent over ...Read More

20 billion euro ECB weekly buy isn’t nothing

While not my first choice for public policy, the 20 billion euro ECB bond buying isn’t nothing. It’s something over $1.3 trillion per year at current exchange rates. At the macro level it sort of funds the entire euro zone deficit spending. And deficits are currently reasonable high. So, even while recognizing ...Read More

Why the IMF thing works for the euro

As a matter of chance, the euro’s lucky stars fall in line with the latest IMF musings. Perhaps most important, operationally, the ECB lending to the IMF, which then lends to euro member nations, doesn’t count as ‘printing money’ in the Teutonic monetary bible. To recap: When the ECB buys bonds, it ...Read More

DJ Europe Mulling New Role For ECB, Lending To IMF-Greek FinMin

Hint of German support? *DJ Europe Mulling New Role For ECB, Lending To IMF-Greek FinMin ...Read More

China News

Reads to me like policy is moving back towards growth and ‘inflation?’ I don’t expect runaway inflation but enough to continue to fundamentally continue to weaken the currency. China’s currency has been fundamentally weakened for the last couple of years, while being supported vs the dollar by foreign investment, speculation, and what ...Read More

News recap comments

The news flow from last week was so voluminous it was nearly impossible to process. For good measure I want to start today’s commentary with a simple recap of what happened. On the negative side – · Greece called a referendum and threw bailout plans up in the air taking Greek 2yrs ...Read More

Recent comments

Two quality recent comments: Max says: “If you make a list of the countries in the world that have the biggest homework in restoring their public finances to a reasonable situation in terms of debt levels, you find four countries: Greece, Ireland, Japan and the United States,” Vinals said. Vinals = Jose ...Read More

BBC News – World Bank president: ‘One shock away from crisis’

Glad they understand the real world problem. The problem is their policy recommendations that cause these conditions in the first place. And now they are asking G20 nations who they’ve led to believe they are on the brink of becoming the next Greece to pledge financial support. World Bank president: ‘One shock ...Read More