tsy tax collections

It gapped up with the fica increase more than with employment >    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Jun 12, 2013 4:40 PM, wrote: >    >   It looks like a good indicator of labor and it is daily. >    >   It also looks like a leading indicator of the stock market. >    >   Tax Data >   

Thinking Caps On – Grab a Coffee – Sales/Trading Commentary

From: JJ LANDO At: May 14 2013 07:41:14 Consider the following thought experiment. These are the scenarios: A. The Treasury decides that it will fund itself 30% more in Overnight Bills and reduce issuance across the curve. B. The Fed announces it will increase QE by 30% (it will remit the net income of this […]

Tsy floaters

Yes, the Treasury is in fact selling notes that float off of its own bills. :( The Treasury provided a preliminary term sheet for the floating rate note program that will launch sometime in Q4 or Q1. In addition, they said the first auction would have a 2yr maturity, and that the expected pace of […]

Greg Walden to introduce bill to stop U.S. Treasury from creating trillion dollar platinum coins

More of the blind leading the blind. Either way Treasury only spends what’s authorized by Congress. And all the coin does is shift interest expense from the Treasury to the Fed. Illogic is clearly a adaptive trait for holding office. As they say in Church, it’s another mysteriously rushed contradiction wrapped in an enema… Greg […]

Comments on Senator Sanders article on the Fed

Dear Senator Sanders, Thank you for your attention to this matter! My comments appear below: The Veil of Secrecy at the Fed Has Been Lifted, Now It’s Time for Change By Senator Bernie Sanders November 2 (Huffington Post) — As a result of the greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior on Wall Street, the American people […]

News recap comments

The news flow from last week was so voluminous it was nearly impossible to process. For good measure I want to start today’s commentary with a simple recap of what happened. On the negative side – · Greece called a referendum and threw bailout plans up in the air taking Greek 2yrs from 70% to […]

President Obama entering the fray

More of the blind leading the blind. The one thing they all agree on, at great expense to global well being, is the budget deficits are all too large and the need for shared sacrifice and all that. No chance for anything constructive to come out of any of this. And these masters of their […]

US Treasury May Issue Debt With a Floating Interest Rate

Brilliant. Reminds me of Will Rogers. Think of all he’d have said if he’d understood MMT. US Treasury May Issue Debt With Floating Interest Rate By Jeff Cox October 24 (CNBC) — Dealers and traders have been approached recently with plans to issue a floating-rate note that for investors would provide an opportunity to profit […]