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The Old Lady (of Threadneedle Street) fails to get an A

The Old Lady (of Threadneedle Street) fails to get an A ...Read More

Comments on Stanlely Fisher’s ‘Lessons from Crises, 1985-2014’

Lessons from Crises, 1985-2014 Stanley Fischer[1] It is both an honor and a pleasure to receive this years SIEPR Prize. Let me list the reasons. First, the prize, awarded for lifetime contributions to economic policy, was started by George Shultz. I got my start in serious policy work in 1984-85, as a ...Read More

small business lending up some

Weather related… ;) Evidence that small business lending has improved is piling up. Banks had $287.64 billion in outstanding loans to small businesses as of Dec. 31, up 1.4 percent from a year earlier, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. In January, the dollars loaned to small businesses by banks, independent ...Read More

Fed Adopts Foreign-Bank Capital Rules as World Finance Fragments

Beats me why the Fed should care if foreign banks have any capital if the Fed isn’t insuring their deposits or other liabilities? Seems if they want to lend their money to people who can’t pay it back it’s their problem??? ;) Fed Adopts Foreign-Bank Rule as World Finance Fragments By Yalman ...Read More

Sat presentation

Link: Chianciano Presentation ...Read More

Blinder editorial in WSJ

The Fed Plan to Revive High-Powered Money Don’t only drop the interest rate paid on banks’ excess reserves, charge them. That would be a tax that reduces aggregate demand By Alan S. Blinder December 10 (WSJ) — Unless you are part of the tiny portion of humanity that dotes on every utterance ...Read More

Kfw story from bill mitchell

The fiscal role of the KfW By Bill Mitchell ...Read More

C and I bank loans and commercial paper

So I see the reports of C and I loans going up about $20 billion but nothing on commercial paper dropping about $30 billion? I still don’t see the domestic credit driven ‘borrowing to spend’ stepping up to replace the proactive govt cuts. C and I loans: Full size image Commercial paper: ...Read More

Bank deposits drop

Seems they forgot the loans create deposits thing… Billions exit bank accounts after years of inflows By Jeff Cox August 30 (CNBC) — American bank accounts have gotten noticeably smaller this year as mom-and-pop investors have begun to embrace risk. Deposit balances in insured banks have fallen by $51 billion—a small amount ...Read More

macro update

While the Fed believes labor markets have improved sufficiently to start somehow unwinding QE, they have made it clear the data and their forecasts are not going to trigger any actual Fed rate hikes anytime soon. For one thing there is currently no sign of any kind of developing private sector credit ...Read More