MMT history and overview

Excellent post from Johnsville: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) in a Nutshell A rampaging mutant macroeconomic theory called Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT for short, is kicking keisters and smacking down conventional wisdom in economic circles these days. This is because an energized group of MMT economists, bloggers, and their loyal foot soldiers, lead by economists […]

Warren’s latest presentation

Attached is a copy of a presentation that Warren delivered yesterday in Montreal. We were extremely well received and Warren was a huge hit, mixing a concoction of high dose monetary economic realities with real life experiences and anecdotes from his long and lustrous career as a market wizard. The presentation was scheduled for 45 […]

Dean Baker: Krugman Is Wrong: The United States Could Not End Up Like Greece

Krugman Is Wrong: The United States Could Not End Up Like Greece By Dean Baker March 25 — It does not happen often, but it does happen; I have to disagree with Paul Krugman this morning. In an otherwise excellent column criticizing the drive to austerity in the United States and elsewhere, Krugman comments: “But […]

A few Boehnalities and other notables on the US going broke

Cross currents of right and wrong but always for the wrong reasons. Bonds Show Why Boehner Saying We’re Broke Is Figure of Speech By David J. Lynch March 7 (Bloomberg) — House Speaker John Boehner routinely offers this diagnosis of the U.S.’s fiscal condition: “We’re broke; Broke going on bankrupt,” he said in a Feb. […]

post boat ride recap and a reader’s questions answered

After my brief recap is my response to a very good and typical inquiry I thought I’d pass along. Meanwhile, the tax cuts were extended, and perhaps a bit of restriction removed, eliminating that source of risk of a sharp contraction that could have happened otherwise. With the 2%, 1 year reduction in FICA taxes […]