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Japan’s Hidden Jobless Hits 4.69mn, Worse Than After Lehman Shock

Japan’s Hidden Jobless Hits 4.69mn, Worse Than After Lehman Shock November 16 (Nikkei) —The number of Japanese that want to work but are not actively seeking employment has surpassed levels from after the global financial crisis erupted, according to government data released on Tuesday. Some people have given up searching for work ...Read More

News recap comments

The news flow from last week was so voluminous it was nearly impossible to process. For good measure I want to start today’s commentary with a simple recap of what happened. On the negative side – · Greece called a referendum and threw bailout plans up in the air taking Greek 2yrs ...Read More

Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits – CNBC

There is a silver bullet. The right amount of aggregate demand keeps labor the scarce resource it actually is. Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits November 5 (CNBC) —The jobs crisis has left so many people out of work for so long that most of America’s unemployed are no longer ...Read More

Berlusconi Insists Italy’s Economy is Prospering

Berlusconi insisted that Italy’s economy was broadly prospering. “The restaurants and vacation spots are always full, nobody thinks there is a crisis,” he said. ...Read More

Jobless Claims Dip, Still in Range; Trade Deficit Jumps

As previously discussed, the real economy seems to be muddling through, and at firmer levels than the first half of the year. The trade report will probably result in Q2 GDP being revised down to just below 1%, but up from the .4% reported for Q1 So Q3 still looks like it ...Read More

Economy Faces a Jolt as Benefit Checks Run Out

When there is a lack of aggregate demand due to high ‘savings desires’ as the unemployed take jobs when benefits expire, it just means someone else loses a job, and then some, as govt deficit spending falls as well, further reducing aggregate demand. It also serves to drive down wages, as per ...Read More

Obama Responsible for Poor Jobs Picture: Bachmann

Couldn’t agree more, but for different reasons. (feel free to repost) Comments below: Obama Responsible for Poor Jobs Picture: Bachmann By Jeff Cox July 8 (CNBC) — The dismal state of employment offers more proof that President Obama’s economic plan isn’t working, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told CNBC. Agreed! Speaking just ...Read More

Video of the Senatorial Forum at Trinity College

This is the video of the forum I participated in with Senatorial Candidates John Mertens, Robb Simmons, and Peter Schiff. Feel free to distribute! ...Read More

The full employment recession is spreading

Looks like the US full-employment recession is spreading: UK jobless rate falls to 5.2 percent in latest quarter The unemployment rate in the United Kingdom in the last quarter of 2007 fell to 5.2 percent, down from 5.4 percent in the previous quarter, the government said Wednesday. Average earnings, including bonuses, rose ...Read More

Trade numbers

U.S. Trade Deficit Hits 14-Month High on Oil Imports by Reed Saxon The U.S. trade deficit in November surged to the highest level in 14 months, reflecting record imports of foreign oil. The deficit with China declined slightly while the weak dollar boosted exports to another record high. The Commerce Department reported ...Read More