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Financial Obligation Ratios

The charts are Fed numbers that show how high debt is compared to incomes. What it shows is that as the govt. deficits increased they added income and savings to the economy which resulted in higher incomes and lower total private debt. In the past the next credit expansion began after the ...Read More

Saudi crude production

Down a bit for the month, certainly no pressure on supply, but still trending modestly upward. This is a reasonable indicator of net world demand, as the Saudis continue as swing producer setting price and letting quantity adjust. ...Read More

Seth Carpenter paper

On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 12:36 PM, Eileen wrote: Did Hell freeze over and I missed it?? Seth B. Carpenter and Selva Demiralp, recently posted a discussion paper on the Federal Reserve Board’s website, titled Money, Reserves, and the Transmission of Monetary Policy: Does the Money Multiplier Exist? The authors note ...Read More

Warren Mosler: Obama’s China Policy Will Destroy U.S. Jobs and Create Inflation

Warren Mosler: Obama’s China Policy Will Destroy U.S. Jobs and Create Inflation Noted Economist and Senate Candidate: Forcing The Yuan Up and The Dollar Down Is The Worst Possible Option For Creating U.S. Jobs Middletown, CT. – September 28, 2010 – Warren Mosler, internationally renowned financial and job creation expert and Connecticut’s ...Read More


Karim writes: Strong underlying data, though series very volatile Orders ex-aircraft and defense up 4.1% Here is what the last 6mths look like: +4.1%; -5.3%; +3.6%; +4.7%; -2.8%; +6.7% Y/Y gwth is 22.2% Trends look like reversal of prior month: auto sector weaker, computers and machinery stronger ...Read More

Dems hand advantage back to Reps by delaying tax cut action

Blatantly delaying action on something that can help the economy for presumed political gain is a blunder equal to the Republicans saying they would oppose the proposed Obama tax cuts. It doesn’t get more insulting to the voters than this. Vote on Bush Tax Cuts Is Now Unlikely Before Nov. Elections Congress ...Read More

What Policies for Global Prosperity?

Antonio Foglia and Andrea Terzi interview Warren Mosler, Distinguished Research Associate of the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, University of Missouri, Kansas City (participating via videoconferencing) April 20, 2010 *Antonio Foglia* (AF): I have known Warren from his previous life as an investor, where he definitely proved his skills. Now, ...Read More

Not all the candidates for Senate will be debating

Reads like McMahon and Blumenthal won’t attend if I’m included: Not all the candidates for Senate will be debating By David Collins Publication: The Day  Now that a final schedule of televised debates for Connecticut’s Senate race seems to be coalescing, it is becoming clear to the two independent candidates on the ...Read More

McMahon and Blumenthal’s Proposals on Bush Tax Cuts Would Destroy Jobs, Says Ind. U.S. Senate Candidate Warren Mosler

‘Paying for’ the Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts Negates the Benefits of Extending Them Middletown, CT. – September 21, 2010 – Warren Mosler, Connecticut’s Independent Party Candidate for US Senate, says that his opponents, Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican Linda McMahon, have shown that, in this time of economic emergency, they ...Read More

Fed Mulls Trillion-Dollar Policy Question

Fed Mulls Trillion-Dollar Policy Question How much of a boost to the U.S. recovery could another trillion dollars or two buy? None, never has, never will. get over it!!! It’s about price (interest rates), not quantity. and lower interest rates won’t do much, if anything, for aggregate demand, output, and employment. That’s ...Read More