What Policies for Global Prosperity?

Antonio Foglia and Andrea Terzi interview Warren Mosler, Distinguished Research Associate of the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, University of Missouri, Kansas City (participating via videoconferencing) April 20, 2010 *Antonio Foglia* (AF): I have known Warren from his previous life as an investor, where he definitely proved his skills. Now, he is an […]


[Skip to the end] On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 4:51 AM, Sean asks: Do u think treasury will manage their new mortgage portfolio like a conventional manager – hedging the negative convexity with swaps and swaptions? Good question! I wouldn’t; they might. It wouldn’t serve public purpose to do that. It would add to […]

Q&A: Oil prices

[Skip to the end] Russel asks: Any reason why the Saudi’s are allowing the price of oil to slide? Just a guess. The futures liquidations were large enough such that holding spot prices up and letting futures free fall would have made it obvious the Saudis are price setter. There also could be some liquidation […]

Q&A with Warren B

[Skip to the end] Jim Baird asks: Hey Warren, I noticed the crude spreads have slipped back into contango today. Are the ETFs up to their old tricks? For sure inventory conditions have shifted, but they always seasonally shift up around this time. Could be ETFs to some degree. More interesting, if the Fed is […]

Q&A for Warren B

[Skip to the end] Hi Warren, Do you think there is any chance that the Fed ever puts us into a steeply inverted curve, say something like 10% short rates with 6% long rates? Hard to imagine that happening with the housing market weak, but what do you think? Very high probability – I’d say […]