Consumer Borrowing Rises $5.1 billion

Down a bit from April, but the larger question is whether higher gasoline prices led to more borrowing to buy what previously was bought from income. Yes, savings is growing, but that is mainly in the form of reduced and unwanted private sector debt, and not dollars in savings accounts. Consumer Borrowing Rises for Eighth […]


Do we have enemies that are using our misunderstanding of our monetary system to undermine our actual national defense? Could they be playing on our deficit phobia that’s taken hold to subdue us? Or is it all just innocent fraud? While there is certainly spending on waste and fraud in the military that should be […]

IMF warns of ‘disturbing’ UK debt

[Skip to the end] IMF warns of ‘disturbing’ UK debt The level of debt in the UK is “disturbing,” the head of the International Monetary Fund has said. But Dominique Strauss-Kahn told the BBC that given the severity of the economic downturn, more government borrowing was the lesser of two evils. No, he’s the greater […]

Re: Will the Fed Issue Debt?

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Paying interest on reserves is functionally identical to issuing debt. The difference would just be the different maturities. This could be used to support higher short term rates, if that’s what they want. Lots of CB’s have done this. >    >   On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 12:50 AM, Scott […]

A very British bubble for Mr Brown

A very British bubble for Mr Brown Leader Sunday December 16 2007 The Observer The buzz words in the world of finance these days are ‘moral hazard’. That is economist-speak for what happens when people who have engaged in risky business and fallen foul of market forces are let off the hook. It is the […]