Thinking Caps On – Grab a Coffee – Sales/Trading Commentary

From: JJ LANDO At: May 14 2013 07:41:14 Consider the following thought experiment. These are the scenarios: A. The Treasury decides that it will fund itself 30% more in Overnight Bills and reduce issuance across the curve. B. The Fed announces it will increase QE by 30% (it will remit the net income of this […]

Thoughts/Response to Bill Gross Piece

[Skip to the end] Well stated and agreed!!! A few highlights(mine), below: On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Lando, Joseph wrote: In a bit of a surprising philosophical shift, Bill Gross came out yesterday strongly bearish and firmly in the camp of the deficit hawks: Link . My reaction: 1. Any major tightening […]