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Karim writes: Bernanke gives his latest Congressional testimony and takes Q&A at 10am tomorrow. He’s unlikely to diverge much from the recent narrative and I expect him to focus more on the changes they made at the last FOMC meeting (easing via extending conditional commitment and new set of forecasts) than highlight ...Read More

Rising Deficits Pose Major Threat to Economy: Bernanke

Not much progress here: Rising Deficits Pose Major Threat to Economy: Bernanke By Jeff Cox Feb 2 (CNBC) — Rising federal budget deficits are posing a significant threat to the U.S. economy and are likely to cause a crisis if not brought under control, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Thursday. ...Read More

News recap comments

The news flow from last week was so voluminous it was nearly impossible to process. For good measure I want to start today’s commentary with a simple recap of what happened. On the negative side – · Greece called a referendum and threw bailout plans up in the air taking Greek 2yrs ...Read More

Bernanke comments

> *DJ Bernanke:US Can Learn From China’s Succesful Economic Growth Story Right, like how their annual deficit spending has been over 20% of GDP if you count state lending. Wonder how he missed that one? > *DJ Bernanke:Promoting Technology, Education Behind Emerging Nations’ Success > *DJ Bernanke:Sound Fiscal Policy, Open Trade, Better ...Read More

Bernanke: No Plans to Add New Stimulus Measures Now

More evidence of the suspected understanding with China- they resumed buying US Tsy secs in return for no more QE: The U.S. economy “has been doing worse than expected” and Beijing needs to “seriously assess” possible risks to its vast holdings of American debt, said Yu Bin, an economist in the Cabinet’s ...Read More

Testimony from Chairman Bernanke

“If government debt and deficits were actually to grow at the pace envisioned, the economic and financial effects would be severe,” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke told the House Budget Committee Feb. 9. “Sustained high rates of government borrowing would both drain funds away from private investment and increase our debt ...Read More

Fed Minutes

The staff still expected that the pace of economic activity through 2011 would be sufficient to reduce the existing margins of economic slack, although the anticipated decline in the unemployment rate was somewhat slower than in the previous projection. Karim writes: Staff still forecasting above trend growth, though not as firm as ...Read More

Auerback Critiques Bernanke

[Skip to the end] Well stated!! Bernanke doesn’t understand the basic economics of central banking By Marshall Auerback Dec 19 — I would like to incorporate a critique of quantitative easing based on Bernanke’s comments in Ed’s post “Quantitative easing and inflation expectations.” You’ve got to focus on improving the conditions for ...Read More

Chinese economist sounds off on US monetary policy

[Skip to the end] Right, this is the nonsense that’s been moving the speculators and portfolio managers, but not the underlying fundamentals. If an asset inflation does materialize it will be for an entirely different reason. >    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 2:03 PM, wrote: >    Yesterday, U.S. ...Read More

Valance Weekly Economic Chart Book

[Skip to the end] Valance Weekly Economic Chart Book A bit disorganized, but these are my impressions as of month end. (Look for the usual couple of days or so of month end allocations driving the technicals.) I don’t see much to get encouraged about on almost all of these charts. In ...Read More