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Ed Harrison’s post

Out of control US deficit spending By Edward Harrison April 30 — Regular readers know that, while I have a little of what Marshall Auerback calls deficit terrorism in my DNA, I fully support fiscal stimulus as a means to arrest a deep downturn. Yes, though I like to say ‘removing fiscal ...Read More

Teach-In Audio and Slide Shows April 28

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The Day Ahead in DC

A true day of infamy! Financial reform and fiscal policy… 9:45 am – President Obama speaks on fiscal policy. At the opening of the inaugural meeting of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. 10:00 am – Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing on the financial crisis. The hearing should run through ...Read More

Altman is back

America’s disastrous debt is Obama’s biggest test By Roger Altman April 21 (FT) — The global financial system is again transfixed by sovereign debt risks. This evokes bad memories of defaults and near-defaults among emerging nations such as Argentina, Russia and Mexico. Yes, all fixed FX blowups. But the real issue is ...Read More

Email exchange with Dan

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 12:08 PM, wrote: Hi Warren, I must admit that your writing and thoughts have had a significant impact upon me. Interestingly—at least from where I sit—your Soft Currency Economics paper, which I have now read 5 or 6 times, has provided me with an odd peace ...Read More

Counter Conference

Background Fiscal sustainability is very much in the News these days because of the activities of the President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, The Peterson Foundation’s very vigorous efforts to present a point of view on fiscal sustainability that reinforces and expands the outlook of the National Commission’s statement of ...Read More

More from Ruml

More from Beardsley Ruml: Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete ...Read More

Upped my eurozone proposal to 20% of gdp

“”The backstop package for Greece and the ECB’s climb-down on its collateral rules set a bad precedent for other euro area states and make it more likely that the euro area degenerates into a zone of fiscal profligacy, currency weakness, and higher inflationary pressures over time,” said Joachim Fels, head of research, ...Read More

Debt and Money

What I would add to his fine review is wherever Professor Davidson indicates ‘increased government spending’ I would add ‘and/or tax cuts depending one’s politics. Published in the Summer 2010 issue of the JOURNAL OF POST KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS by Paul Davidson: Making Dollars And Sense Of The United States Government Debt ...Read More

April 28 Conference

Looks like it’s on and I’ll be there. All invited to attend. Will get details later today and tomorrow. Will be getting a press release out as well. Fighting Back Against the Drive to Slash Entitlements By Ian Welsh April 14 — Back when I was at FDL I had a chat ...Read More