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EU Daily | Europe Economic Confidence Rises as Exports Improve

It’s off to the races for a while in the euro zone as the adjustment that began when the ECB started buying member nation debt continues, and the still large budget deficits support incomes and growth while the still low euro supports exports. Fears of solvency risks for govts and the banking ...Read More

State tax revenue increasing

This is another sign of growth creeping in. The States will be fine with a bit more GDP growth, and if they maintain their equity allocations their pension funds will all recover when equity prices double over the next few years. With strong productivity growth throughout the recession, there is a lot ...Read More

The Political Genius of Supply-Side Economics

Where am I wrong, if at all? I agree with the political analysis. I know Bruce Bartlett and he’ll be the first to tell you he does NOT understand monetary operations. Even simple statements like ‘China keeps its dollars in its reserve account at the Fed’ seem to cause him to glass ...Read More

response to deficit dove letter

The right level of deficit spending, long term or otherwise, is the one that coincides with full employment. Any nation with a non convertible currency and floating exchange rate policy is necessarily not in any case operationally revenue constrained. A statement from Professors Paul Davidson, James Galbraith and Lord Skidelsky. We three ...Read More

Mike Norman on Fox

Very well done by Mike Norman who’s on this email list. This video makes it all the more obvious that Fox is on a propaganda mission, at best to support ratings, at worst to be subversive, rather than engaging with Mike on the facts. You tube link: Mike Norman on Fox ...Read More

Fox Video

Watch the latest business video at ...Read More

Fox News Business

Warren will be on Fox Business tomorrow morning at 9:30. Video to follow. ...Read More


Good find! I recommended this years ago when Karim first introduced me to his Treasury contacts. It moved forward and was passed around for discussion, but the dealers quashed it. An unlimited lending program could replace much of the generic libor swap market. Wish they would revisit it. Why Is the U.S. ...Read More

George Soros Speech

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 6:31 AM, wrote: >    >   Soros’s recipe, FYI >   much about bubbles, >   also about how bad can be deficit reductions at this time >    I usually don’t read or comment on Soros, but comments below this one time only for you. :) George Soros ...Read More

An Open Letter To President Obama

An Open Letter to President Obama By Joe Firestone ...Read More