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Hi Warren,

I must admit that your writing and thoughts have had a significant impact upon me. Interestingly—at least from where I sit—your Soft Currency Economics paper, which I have now read 5 or 6 times, has provided me with an odd peace of mind…not sure if that is a GOOD thing or not. :)


KNOWING that—so long as trust and confidence in our fiat system remains—we are always able to mitigate, at least in some manner, the impact of global financial crises through the changing of numbers ‘upward’ in the accounts of men and of institutions, is somewhat akin, I’d imagine, to an alcoholic knowing that, no matter what, an endless supply of Johnny Walker Black always exists in his basement stash.

Actually, as long as we can enforce tax collections the currency will have value.

Problem is the currency can’t be eaten or drunk, so if the crops fail it won’t help much.
All we can insure is enough currency to pay people to work, not enough things to buy

OK, so maybe the analogy is a tad morose…but hence my funny feeling about my peace of mind.

So, my question of the week revolves around the U.S.’s apparent choice to monetize (again, if you will) the IMF coffers. I point to the following from Zerohedge:

“…As we reported a few days ago, the IMF massively expanded its last resort bailout facility (NAB) by half a trillion dollars, in which the US was given the lead role in bailing out every country that has recourse to IMF funding.

We buy SDR’s with dollars which the IMF then loans, so yes.

Yesterday, Ron Paul grilled Bernanke precisely on the nature of the expansion of the US role to the NAB: “The IMF has announced that they are going to open up the NAB which coincides with the crisis in Greece and Europe and how they are going to bailed out. The irony of this promise is that in the new arrangement Greece is going to put in $2.5 billion in. I think only a fiat monetary system worldwide can come up and have Greece help bail out Greece and be prepared to bail out even other countries.

Greece needs euros, so the IMF will sell SDR’s to the euro nations to fund Greece, not the US.

SDR’s are only bought with local currency.

But we are going from $10 to $105 billion… We are committing $105 billion to bailing out the various countries of the world, this does two thing I want to get your comments on one why does it coincide with Greece,


what are they anticipating, why do they need $560 billion, do we have a lot more trouble, and when it comes to that time when we have to make this commitment, who pays for this, where does it come from?

Seems they anticipate more nations will be borrowing dollars from the IMF?

We buy them by crediting the IMF’s account at the Fed. If and when the IMF lends dollars we move those dollars from the IMF’s account to the account at the Fed for the borrowing nation.

Will this all come out of the printing press once again, as we are expected to bail out the world?

Short answer, yes. long answer above.

Are you in favor of this increase in the IMF funding and our additional commitment to $105 billion?”


Bernanke, of course, washes his hands of any imminent dollar devaluation – it is all someone else’s responsibility to bail out life, the universe and everything else. Bernanke pushes on “I think in general having the IMF available to try to avoid crises is a good idea.”

2 problems. First the borrowers would probably be better off using local currency solutions rather than dollars, and second the IMF terms and conditions can and often do make things worse for the borrower.

Yet Paul pushes on “Where will this money come from? We are bankrupt too.” Indeed we are, but nobody cares – that is simply some other poor shumck’s problem…”

He’s flat out wrong about the US being bankrupt but that’s another story.


Warren, this strikes me as problematic. YES, we can add zeros to the end of accounts and thus ‘create’ more liquidity in the global economy. HOWEVER, at what point does the world choose not to believe that those numbers in those accounts have true value?

As long as we enforce dollar taxes the dollar will have value.


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