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Saudi price setting

Saudi Oil Minister: There’s No Shortage of Supply By Amena Bakr March 1 (Reuters) — Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia sought to soothe fears about high oil prices, saying on Tuesday world supplies were well in excess of demand and … Continue reading

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Rats leaving the sinking ship… NORWAY OIL FUND TO CUT EUROPE BOND HOLDINGS TO 40% FROM 60%

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Was Quantitative Easing A Tax?

Good to see someone telling it like it is! Was Quantitative Easing a Tax? By John Carney March 29 (CNBC) — In the last of his four lectures to students at George Washington University, Ben Bernanke explained how the Fed’s … Continue reading

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eu credit growth slows

So much for the LTRO “bazooka”: EMU Growth Watch: Credit Growth Slows Frankfurt, Germany (AP) — The European Central Bank says the flow of credit available to businesses slowed down in February — a sign that the bank’s massive series … Continue reading

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Global themes

Austerity everywhere keeps domestic demand in check and export channels muted Non govt credit expansion pretty much stone cold dead in the US and Europe Rising oil energy prices subduing global aggregate demand US federal deficit just about enough to … Continue reading

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Bitter Money Fights Shaped U.S History (Part 1): Johnson & Kwak

The authors are making fools of themselves with this statement: As a nation, we will have to make a choice, one way or another. If the national debt grows faster than the economy for long enough, investors could lose their … Continue reading

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Mosler Squad Outlast Rivals For Season Opener Win – BRITCAR – The Checkered Flag

Mosler Squad Outlast Rivals For Season Opener Win – BRITCAR – The Checkered Flag

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New Home Sales Unexpectedly Slip 1.6% in February

Seems low interest rates aren’t all the tool they’re cracked up to be? But they’ve only been low for a bit over 3 years. Monetary policy works with a lag and all that. Much like Japan. Again like the carpenter … Continue reading

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Bank of America tests Alternative to Foreclosure

Must be reading my blog BofA Tests an Option to Foreclosure Bank of America is launching a pilot program that will allow homeowners at risk of foreclosure to hand over deeds to their houses and sign leases that will let … Continue reading

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Corporate profit margins

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