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Blood flowing around the clot

[Skip to the end] 2008-06-05 C&I Loans Outstanding 5yrs back 2008-06-05 Commercial Paper Outstanding SA 5yrs back Seems banks have taken up much of the slack from the commercial paper markets, but at wider spreads. Bodes well for bank earnings while it lasts, as the real economy manages to chug along, led ...Read More

Alternative Bank Liquidity Proposal

[Skip to the end] Proposal for Congress: Increase FDIC insurance to include deposits up to $10 million for private sector agents. Unlimited FDIC insurance for Fed advances to US banks. [top] ...Read More

Diversity in action

News Headline: Credit Suisse Writes Down $5.26 Billion Over the last few years, I’ve been saying that with diversity risk is pretty well spread out. Seems to have been the case – risk seems to have been well diversified. Losses seem to be spread around more evenly than in the past with ...Read More