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Hints of Portugal PSI?

From Morgan Stanley Note the talk of a PSI (bond tax): 5. Portugal: Portugal’s five-year bonds are trading at ~16%, right around the level where Greek bonds traded last April when Eurozone officials began to turn their attention to forcing losses on private sector creditors. The key area of concern in the ...Read More

Portugal Union Leader Wants Debt Renegotiation

Yes, as previously discussed, the obvious political move is to demand the same discounts as Greece. Especially with the pending Greek ‘restructure’ and ECB check writing to support the banking system seemingly making the euro stronger and not causing inflation. And the ‘sustainability maths’ is just about the same for all of ...Read More

The people have spoken in Portugal

As previously discussed, it’s not obvious to voters that the currency itself is the problem. Instead, what seems obvious is that the prior governments were at fault for their irresponsible fiscal policies for which the price is now being paid. Coelho Told by Portugal’s Cavaco to Hurry Coalition Talks By Joao Lima ...Read More

WARNING- Euro Zone Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers Deactivated!

I now believe that system risk in the euro zone is being grossly under discounted. The implied assumption for the major currency regions is that during a slowdown the automatic fiscal stabilizers- falling government ‘revenues’ and increased transfer payments- will kick in to increase deficit spending, and thereby add the income and ...Read More

ECB monetizing or not ?

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 3:29 PM, John wrote: >    >   Warren, I can’t tell from this article if the European Central Bank is >   issuing new currency in exchange for national government bonds or not? >    This in fact is a very good article. Yes, the ECB is ...Read More


[Skip to the end] Doesn’t look good! *PORTUGUESE OPPOSITION PARTIES DEFEAT GOVT AUSTERITY PLAN: AP [top] ...Read More

Portugal going parabolic as well

[Skip to the end] Portugal 5 Year Bond Yield Since August 2009 ...Read More