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TAF size increased

[Skip to the end] As I’ve said all along, it needs to be in unlimited quantities with a set interest rate. It’s a pricing mechanism, not a quantity mechanism. They also need to relax collateral requirements to include commercial and residential whole loans, and all other legal bank assets of solvent banks. ...Read More

AS: Fed moves

[Skip to the end] I’ve been recommending the following for the Fed for quite a while (see Proposals for the Fed): Lower the discount rate the Fed Funds rate and: Accept a pledge of any bank legal collateral from any member bank. Impose no restriction on quantity borrowed. Impose no restriction on ...Read More

Re: Fed study on TAF

[Skip to the end] >     >    On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 4:05 AM, Andrea wrote: >     >    In case you haven’t seen this yet: A Fed study that finds that >    Taf has lowered Libor. >     >    http://www.newyorkfed.org/research/staff_reports/sr335.html >     >     right, thanks, as if they needed to fund a study to figure that out! It’s ...Read More

Fed Paper: “The Effect of the Term Auction Facility on the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate”

[Skip to the end] Hardly need a study to figure that out! This paper from the NY Fed was just released: The Effect of the Term Auction Facility on the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate Summary: This paper examines the effects of the Federal Reserve’s Term Auction Facility (TAF) on the London Inter-Bank ...Read More

Yellen the Dove on inflation

“Inflation is a problem,” she said. Yet the problem isn’t excessive demand, rising wages, or a tight labor market, but “negative supply shocks.” Once the shocks wear off, the inflation rate can’t be sustained in the long run without a pick-up in wage growth, she said. “There’s no textbook answer to what ...Read More

Monetary ops

The larger point is that ANY assets banks are allowed to hold already have to be on the regulators approved list, and banks in any case can fund all their (legal) assets with with govt insured deposits. So why should another arm of government, the Fed, not always provide funding for the ...Read More

Additions to yesterday’s review

Forgot to include the influence of the 8,000 lb gorilla I’ve been advancing for the last few years! Supporting GDP Pension funds adding to allocations for passive commodity strategies Sources of inflation Pension funds adding to allocations for passive commodity strategies Pension funds contributing to the $ decline by allocating funds away ...Read More

Fed comments

The Fed is aware rate cuts don’t do much for near term financial disruptions. For example, the FF/LIBOR spread was first addressed with FF cuts, but little or nothing changed until the TAF was introduced to address and normalize that spread. Along the same lines, Bernanke has recently met with the President ...Read More

TAF Results

(from Patrick Doyle) Below is a table of the results of the last 3 TAF auctions Of note is the spread to OIS (FF’s) which is inside the historic LIBOR / OIS spread. There were less participants in this round as well This all bodes well and is showing the easing of ...Read More

Re: FF vs. LIBOR

(an interoffice email) On Jan 14, 2008 10:29 AM, Warren Mosler wrote: > thanks, continued tafs will get it to wherever the fed actually wants > it. it’s a policy rate they can administer at will. > > > > > > > On Jan 14, 2008 10:16 AM, Pat Doyle wrote: ...Read More