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Sanders endorsement, Greece, Passenger transportation services index

A bit of press for my endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President after a chat with Stephanie Kelton which included how they’ve been working together on his economic agenda. Warren Mosler – An International Leader in Modern Monetary Theory Endorses Bernie Sanders Varoufakis completely misses the point. First, the only way public ...Read More

Warsaw conference

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charts and comments GDP, durables, mtg apps, etc.

>    >   On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 8:52 AM, Sheraz wrote: >    >   Very weak US numbers >    And not one ‘nice call’ email!!! And yesterday’s stock market action suggests a possible data leak??? :( US 1Q GDP has been revised lower by far than expected. After having initially been reported as a ...Read More

Diase Coffelt Release: Gubernatorial Candidate Announces Warren Mosler as Running Mate

Donations appreciated! Please visit our website. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 29, 2014 CONTACT: Maggie Harrell (340)776-7772 GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE SORAYA DIASE COFFELT ANNOUNCES WARREN MOSLER AS RUNNING MATE St. Thomas, Virgin Islands – Today, U.S. Virgin Islands Gubernatorial candidate Soraya Diase Coffelt announced that she has selected Warren Mosler as her running mate ...Read More

Thursday meeting with Soraya 7pm at her HQ, the Armrey Cabinets, Richmond, just west of the post office, across the street from WSTX

Thursday meeting with Soraya Diase Coffelt, 7pm at her HQ, the Armrey Cabinets, Jack Bishop’s shop, Richmond, just west of the post office, across the street from WSTX Christiansted Good meeting last night at the Tamarind Reef conference center! About 35 of you turned out for a high level discussion of the ...Read More

fiscal update

No talk yet of waiving the sequesters? McConnell: Stand Firm on Spending November 19 (WSJ) — With budget negotiations stalled, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing his GOP colleagues to resist efforts to ease across-the-board spending cuts due to take effect in mid-January. Mr. McConnell has argued it is better to ...Read More

Ted’s Dad’s sermon

No relation to former Senator Ted Kennedy… Cruz’ Father Suggests Ted Cruz Is “Anointed” to Bring About The “End Time Transfer of Wealth” “In a sermon last year at an Irving, Texas, megachurch that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Cruz’ father Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was ...Read More

fuzzy presidential logic

“Also, the White House supports a provision in the deal that strengthens verification measures for people getting subsidies under Obamacare, spokesman Jay Carney said. Carney called the change “a modest adjustment,” and said it didn’t amount to “ransom” for raising the federal debt ceiling because both sides agreed to it and the ...Read More

today’s charts and opinion

Not looking good. And Congress and the President not in any rush either, seems. Still looking to me like they are getting their sense of security from: The stock market doing ok, believing a balanced budget is a good thing, both sides trying to take credit for this year’s drop in the ...Read More

Meeting postponed between President Obama, Congressional leadership

What’s the rush? Neither side has any interest in ‘compromise’ nor fears going cold turkey to a balanced budget. In fact, they all believe we owe it to our grandchildren to do exactly that. :( Meeting postponed between President Obama, Congressional leadership October 14 — A meeting between President Barack Obama and ...Read More