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[Skip to the end] Wonder if Fisher cut a deal not to dissent for the hawkish inflation language? Karim writes: Decision (no cut) may be hawkish relative to expectations, but wording mostly dovish. 1st paragraph-all changes highlight downside risks to gwth; slowing export gwth a new wrinkle in addition to the usual ...Read More

And now Plosser

[Skip to the end] Treasuries Fall as Fed’s Plosser Calls for Interest-Rate Boost. Treasuries fell as Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser said the central bank should raise interest rates “sooner rather than later.” Fisher, Stern, and now Plosser as the palace revolt gains momentum into the August 5 FOMC ...Read More

Fed minutes – longish version

[Skip to the end] I cut quite a bit, but still a lot worth a quick read: In view of continuing strains in interbank and other financial markets, the Committee took up proposals to expand several of the liquidity arrangements that had been put in place in recent months. Chairman Bernanke indicated ...Read More

Bloomberg: from Fisher the hawk

While Fisher is perhaps the most hawkish voting member and voted against Bernanke at the last meeting, continuously rising crude/food prices and a not so large output gap are causing more voting members to firm their anti-inflation rhetoric in recent weeks: Fisher Says Credit Markets May Not Force Fed to Act by ...Read More Dallas Fed President: Inflation, not recession, is No. 1 woe – Mar. 4, 2008

Yes, Fisher is on record as the lead inflation hawk. If he’s right and it turns out Bernanke cut rates into a 70’s style inflation Fisher has to be a leading candidate for Fed Chairman. Much like when Volcker replace Miller in 1979. And Kohn gets passed over a second time, this ...Read More

Plosser speech

From Philadelphia Fed President Plosser: To be more concrete, many versions of the simple rules that I refer to when gauging the current stance of monetary policy call for a funds rate that is above the current funds rate. ‘Taylor Rule’ etc. But the severity of the events affecting the smooth functioning ...Read More

Fed’s Fisher

Doesn’t get any more hawkish than this. Well worth a quick read. Richard W. Fisher Challenges for Monetary Policy in a Globalized Economy Remarks before the Global Interdependence Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania January 17, 2008 Thank you, Charlie [Plosser]. I am grateful for the invitation to speak to the Global Interdependence Center. (NON ...Read More