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Yellen vs Mosler

At her press conference Janet Yellen stated that the net effect of the drop in oil prices is that of a tax cut, and therefore supportive of US output and employment. My take is that the cuts in spending due … Continue reading

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RT interview

My RT interview starts at the 4 min mark. The cut it into segments that will appear at a later date.

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Comments on crude pricing, the economy, and the banking system

Crude pricing The Saudis are the ‘supplier of last resort’/swing producer. Every day the world buys all the crude the other producers sell to the highest bidder and then go to the Saudis for the last 9-10 million barrels that … Continue reading

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Personal Income and Outlays, Employment Cost Index, Chicago PMI

The stock market is happy on the false assumption that bad news means lower rates from the Fed which is good for profits, but that’s another story… Income and spending weak, and prices soft as the Fed continues to fail … Continue reading

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Q3 GDP Up 3.5%

First look, which tends to get revised substantially as more info is released. Consumption looks discouraging, especially longer term, and it appears to be at ‘stall speed': You can see how after tax income keeps ratcheting down: Wages used to … Continue reading

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Weekly credit update comments

I got this email supporting the idea that bank credit expansion has been at the expense of non bank lenders, with low total credit growth. As previously discussed, I don’t see the credit growth necessary to sustain the 3%+ GDP … Continue reading

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There is no right time for the Fed to raise rates!

There is no right time for the Fed to raise rates! Introduction I reject the belief that economy is strong and operating anywhere near full employment. I also reject the belief that a zero-rate policy is inflationary, supports aggregate demand, … Continue reading

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Macro update

First this, supporting what I’ve been writing about all along: Here’s Proof That Congress Has Been Dragging Down The Economy For Years By Shane Ferro Oct 8 (Business Insider) — In honor of the new fiscal year, the Brookings Institution … Continue reading

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Fed minutes

Bill McBride and I agree this is the key takeaway. That is, the Fed still sees the risks as asymmetrical and therefore prefers to err on the side of ease. So stocks soar on the belief that low rates from … Continue reading

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NY Fed analysts discuss expiring benefits and jobs dynamics

So now it’s just me and a few members of the NY Fed surmising the 1.2 million who lost benefits at year end supported employment gains earlier this year: Do Unemployment Benefits Expirations Help Explain the Surge in Job Openings? … Continue reading

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