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The newly appointed Italian “Ministry of the Economy” had said…

truly insulting! The euro zone is at risk of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by abandoning efforts to cut budget deficits and fix long-standing economic problems. The growing perception that austerity has been futile is incorrect. Fiscal consolidation is producing results, the pain is producing results Euro-zone policy makers need ...Read More

German consumption vs EU consumption

Shows how German consumption used to grow a bit more than the EU overall, then switched to a bit more growth, and may now be converging with no growth. Full size image ...Read More

EU to share costs of closing banks

Just what they need, another tax: Under the proposal, the costs of closing down a bank in the first year of operation would be fully covered by a fund set up by the home country where the bank resides. Such funds would be set up in every euro zone country and each ...Read More

Kfw story from bill mitchell

The fiscal role of the KfW By Bill Mitchell ...Read More

Morgan Stanley on eu

German IFO, GDP & Eurogroup: After last month’s drop to 107.4, MS Research expects the IFO business climate to decline by further 0.4 points to a reading of 107.0 in November. They would expect both business expectations for the next 6 months and current business conditions to have corrected, with the expectations ...Read More

eu paper on fiscal

Fiscal consolidations and spillovers in the Euro area periphery and core ...Read More

comments on euro zone and india

Do you think they know austerity causes loans to go bad? Troubled loans at Europe’s banks double in value (FT) European banks’ non-performing loans have doubled in just four years to reach close to €1.2tn and are expected to keep rising. A report by PwC found that non-performing loans (NPLs) rose from ...Read More

Greek youth unemployment soars to 64.9pc

The EU is a failed state. Greek youth unemployment soars to 64.9pc By Szu Ping Chan August 8 (Telegraph) — Repeated doses of austerity under international bailouts have almost tripled Greece’s jobless rate since its debt crisis began in 2009, weighing on an economy in its sixth year of recession. Unemployment rose ...Read More

More on EU Private Sector Credit Expansion

ECB Says Bank Loans to Private Sector Shrink Most on Record By Jeff Black July 25 (BN) — Lending to companies and households in the 17-member euro area fell the most on record in June in a sign the region is still struggling to shake off its longest-ever recession. Loans to the ...Read More

Euro Zone Output Down in May as Recovery Remains Fragile

Interesting how the weakness seems to be shifting to Germany and France? Euro Zone Output Down in May as Recovery Remains Fragile By Martin Santa July 12 (Reuters) — Euro zone factory output fell in May for the first time in four months, data showed on Friday, suggesting a fragile and uneven ...Read More