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mtg purchase apps down again, Earnings, Greece chart, gasoline demand

Not good. Purchase apps back down to depressed levels after a dip in front of govt mortgage fee cuts followed by a small blip up after the cuts, and up only 1% from last year’s cold winter depressed levels: MBA … Continue reading

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is the drop in oil price a positive or negative?

So most every mainstream analyst has called the drop in crude prices a ‘massive unambiguous positive’ for the US economy. Seems stocks don’t agree…

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NFIB, Mtg apps, retail sales, Empire State

Today’s releases are causing analysts to reduce their GDP forecasts for Q3, which ended Sept 30. Note the difficulty in forecasting the past when considering the difficulty in forecasting the future… This was released yesterday, turned down from not so … Continue reading

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WRKO interview

Interview with Barrie Armstrong

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Another look at Q3 GDP

Third-Quarter Growth in U.S. Revised Higher on Services By Victoria Stilwell Decmeber 20 (Bloomberg) — The economy expanded in the third quarter at the fastest rate in almost two years as Americans stepped up spending on services such as health … Continue reading

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Hussman view of equity valuation

What’s new here is somehow Hussman has picked on the idea that corporate profits fall as the federal deficit falls. He stops short of suggesting we need a higher federal deficit, of course. After all his endless inane out of … Continue reading

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Fed minutes, comments on full text

Comments in below and highlights mine: Developments in Financial Markets and the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet The Manager of the System Open Market Account reported on developments in domestic and foreign financial markets as well as the System open market … Continue reading

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Michigan survey and a small rant

Funny how sentiment follows stocks… And how housing has gone flat all year is dismissed. Not to forget jobless claims are about people losing their jobs and not about anyone getting a job. Yes, claims have correlated to new jobs, … Continue reading

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taper tantrum!

The low jobless claims number seem to have sent markets into full taper mode. Stocks down due to fears of what happens without the presumed Fed support, and bonds higher in yield due to fears of what happens when the … Continue reading

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corp profits and the federal deficit

Funny how little attention, if any, is focused on how corporate profits are a function of federal deficit spending? Ideology conflicts? Nothing ‘new’ about the idea that deficit spending and profits are related: Kalecki’s most famous contribution is his profit … Continue reading

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