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Like the carpenter with the piece of wood “no matter how much I cut off it’s still too short” Draghi has yet to realize rate cuts/QE/etc. are a deflationary/contractionary bias: *DRAGHI SAYS WILL BUY UNTIL SEE SUSTAINED INFLATION IMPROVEMENT Jobless … Continue reading

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Jobs, Wages, Wholesale trade

Employment Situation Highlights The December employment situation was somewhat stronger than expected at the headline level but the payroll numbers softened. In terms of actual numbers, the report was mixed. Payroll jobs advanced 252,000 after jumping a revised 353,000 in … Continue reading

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ADP oil and gas jobs down

Just getting started? “Payroll processor ADP said this week that the mining industry, which includes oil and gas drilling, shed about 2,000 jobs last month after gaining an average of 3,000 a month in 2014.” U.S. Steel to lay off … Continue reading

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Consumer credit, jobless claims

Less than expected and still subdued: Consumer Credit Highlights Consumer credit rose $14.1 billion in November though, once again, revolving credit was weak. The revolving credit component, where credit card debt is tracked, fell $0.9 billion in the month for … Continue reading

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mtg purch apps, adp

Weaker, and down 8% year over year, even with much lower rates. MBA Purchase Applications Highlights Mortgage application activity fell sharply in the 2 weeks to January 2, down 5.0 percent for purchase applications and down 12.0 percent for refinancing … Continue reading

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Plunging Oil Prices Test Texas’ Economic Boom

And it’s not just the first order consequences of lower oil revenues and reduced capital expenditures. There are substantial multipliers as that income gets ‘respent’ not only in Texas but throughout the US and beyond. Again, seems most all US … Continue reading

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Texas drilling permits down 50%, mtg apps

Texas drilling permits dropped 50 percent, Railroad Commission reports By James Osborne Oil drilling activity in Texas is falling dramatically, as the steep decline in crude prices since the summer takes hold, state regulators reported Tuesday. The Texas Railroad Commission … Continue reading

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oil related jobs at risk?

Lots of oil related jobs about to vanish seems:

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Surveys suddenly weakening

Philadelphia Fed Survey Highlights Growth is still very strong in the Philly Fed manufacturing region but just not as strong as November’s great surge. The Philly Fed’s general conditions index slowed to 24.5 from 40.8 in November. Outside of November, … Continue reading

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claims, retail sales, prices, inventories

If sales are going to fall off it will be after the layoffs and capital expenditure cuts from the fall in crude prices take place: Jobless Claims Highlights Jobless claims data are low but still are still trending higher than … Continue reading

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