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The cheer leaders didn’t bother to report on this they way they did when employment was increasing: U.S. small business hiring takes a breather in June: NFIB July 1 (Reuters) — The National Federation of Independent Business said its monthly survey of members found hiring was little changed last month. Fifty-two percent ...Read More

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Yes, it’s a bit of a rebound from last month, and being touted as proof of a strong recovery, but it also looks like the drift down may still be in progress, much like the consumer sales showed disturbingly declining rates of annual growth even though the recent release was an uptick: ...Read More

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Getting worse instead better in Q2: It’s up which is good, but not even back to q1 January high and below historic ‘good economy’ levels: NFIB Small Business Optimism Index Highlights The small business optimism index came in well above expectations, at 98.3 for a very solid 1.4 point gain from April’s ...Read More

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Labor Market Conditions Index Highlights Labor market conditions are improving with the index rising to plus 1.3 in May vs an upward revised minus 0.5 percent in April. The gain underscores Friday’s very strong employment report as well as the long run of very favorable jobless claims reports. Still, 1.3 isn’t that ...Read More

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Most notable is the market reaction- rates up, stocks down, as markets discount higher odds of a Fed rate hike into what markets think is a relatively weak economy, and I tend to agree. Employment Situation Highlights The hawks definitely have some ammunition for the June 16-17 FOMC meeting as the May ...Read More

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Seems this has to come from ‘overhiring’ or very odd seasonal adjustments? And many of the 1.2 million people who lost benefits Jan 14 and took menial jobs that didn’t add to output? Same happening as benefits expire? Should normalize through either more output or fewer jobs? Productivity and Costs Highlights The ...Read More

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Another setback, still up some year over year but all cash purchases are down quite a bit as well: MBA Mortgage Applications Highlights Application activity is sputtering with MBA’s composite index down a very steep 7.6 percent in the May 29 week for a 6th straight decline and the steepest decline since ...Read More

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Just a reminder, claims measure those losing jobs who file for benefits, not new hires: Jobless Claims The euro has been moving higher vs the dollar, as CB selling winds down as they reach the lower limits of their reserve targets along with fundamental support from a large and growing EU current ...Read More

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So now they don’t have Easter to kick around anymore and they’re still weak: Redbook Retail sales picked up slightly in the May 9 week as Easter-effects finally fade, but at a year-on-year plus 2.1 percent sales remain soft. Redbook reports an as-expected Mother’s Day holiday in the week and reports early ...Read More

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You’d think the Tea Party would give President Obama high marks for this! Nothing going on here: ...Read More