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jobless claims in select energy states, misc. charts from earlier today and yesterday

Another look at durable goods orders from earlier today: From yesterday:

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Jobless Claims, Durable goods, house prices, cpi

I still don’t see any evidence of a ‘boost’ from lower oil prices. If anything, it’s all gotten a lot softer instead… Jobless Claims Durable Goods Orders Capital Goods Shipments ex Air Y/Y:

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Jobless claims, Retail sales

Maybe it’s because lower oil prices merely shift income from sellers to buyers, with capex reductions a net loss to all etc. as previously discussed? Retail Sales Highlights Lower gasoline prices continue to tug down on retail sales. And consumers … Continue reading

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Wholesale trade, BOE on Greece, Redbook sales, Jolts

Inventories looking excessive: Wholesale Trade Highlights The economy may be solid right now but inventories at the wholesale level look heavy, rising 0.1 percent in December vs a noticeable 0.4 percent decline in sales at the wholesale level. The mismatch … Continue reading

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labor market index, consumer credit, China trade, BIS on oil and debt

This is the Fed’s new indicator: Labor Market Conditions Index Definition The U.S. labor market is large and multifaceted. Often-cited indicators such as the unemployment rate or payroll employment, measure a particular dimension of labor market activity. It is not … Continue reading

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Jobs, Currency wars, etc.

Heaps stronger than expected: Employment Situation Highlights Today’s employment situation was heavily positive even though the unemployment rate edged up. Payroll jobs gained 257,000 in January after strong increases of 329,000 in December and 423,000 in November. December and November … Continue reading

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Layoffs, Claims, Trade

Challenger Job-Cut Report Highlights In perhaps the first warning of serious trouble from the oil patch, Challenger’s layoff count starts off the year with an elevated reading, at 53,041 for the highest reading since February 2013 and the highest January … Continue reading

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Mtg purchase apps, ADP, ISM

Looks like a dip anticipating lower gov fees a few weeks ago, followed by a blip up after, then returning to ‘trend’ Still very low: A bit lower than expected, but last month revised up a bit. Remember, this is … Continue reading

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personal income/spending, labor charts and comments, ISM, construction spending, earnings chart

The mainstream assert that the drop in oil prices is an unambiguous positive for the US economy, as it’s like maybe a $200 billion tax cut for consumers. The idea is that the $ saved on oil products get spent … Continue reading

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Visa on consumer spending, GDP, Consumer sentiment, Greece update, Personal income, Employment costs

Visa quantifies impact to consumer spending from lower gas prices (from its earnings call Thurs night) – US fuel prices are down ~30% since June. The drop amounts to ~$60/month for the avg. consumer according to our survey. Approximately 50% … Continue reading

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