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Carney Says Intervention Needs Policy to Back It Up to Work

[Skip to the end] CIBC Says Canada Should Consider ‘Bounded Float’ of Currency This would help support exports. (But my first choice would instead be funding an $8/hr job for anyone willing and able to work and a tax cut … Continue reading

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Roubini Says Carry Trades Fueling ‘Huge’ Asset Bubble

[Skip to the end] Again, maybe right but for the wrong reason. My take is the gold and commodity bubble is due to people (Roubini included) believing Fed policy is inherently inflationary – printing money and all that – when … Continue reading

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Carry trade

[Skip to the end] The article completely misses the point. There is no ‘cash pouring into’ anything. Nor is there a constraint on lending/deposits in any non convertible currency. It is not a matter of taking funds from one currency … Continue reading

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