Daily Archive: Friday, October 24, 2008

Roubini prediction

[Skip to the end] Yes, getting closer. The eurozone could be first. All due to errant political responses. This did not have to happen. Operationally it’s a simple matter for governments to spend their way out of it. The problem is political, mainly due to ignorance of monetary operations and how a ...Read More

Re: Yen strength

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Yes! And it’s deep- Hungarian homeowners borrowed yen to buy their homes, for just one example. And with Japan an importer of all its crude, lower prices make yen that much harder to get, much like USD. And maybe even more so. >    >   On Fri, Oct ...Read More

OPEC cuts production by 1.5 million barrels a day

[Skip to the end] I take this as a signal that the Saudis (and probably Russians as they just met with the Saudis) have decided to hold or raise prices and let quantity sold adjust. Fuel prices are low enough to restore growth in demand with any positive economic performance. Oct. 24, ...Read More

EM Asia

[Skip to the end] Thailand Proposes Asia Pool $350 Billion for Crisis Not a good sign that they think they need that much in USD. Looks like they are too strung out on USDs. [top] ...Read More

What’s next for the Fed?

[Skip to the end] Bernanke may seek new ways to ease credit as Fed rate nears 1% By Craig Torres Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) — Federal Reserve officials are likely to bring interest rates down so aggressively over the next few months that they will have to search for fresh tactics to continue ...Read More

Fed relying on ratings agencies?

[Skip to the end] Ironically (?) after reading all the criticism of private sector lenders relying on ratings agencies rather than internal analysis I see this: GE to use Fed’s commercial paper facility next week By Rachel Layne and Scott Lanman The Fed is setting up the special fund to buy commercial ...Read More

Looking like a classic external debt story

[Skip to the end] I was just sent this: External debt (%of GDP) Asia 1997 Total Thailand 62% Malaysia 52% Indonesia 42% South Korea 34% Central/Eastern Europe Today Latvia 135% Estonia 114% Hungary 102% Croatia 96% Bulgaria 90% Ukraine 53% Poland 47% Romania 43% Czech 40% Lithuania 40% Turkey 34% [top] ...Read More

2008-10-24 USER

[Skip to the end] Existing Home Sales (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales MoM (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales YoY (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales Inventory (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales ALLX 1 (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales ALLX 2 (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales (Sep) Survey ...Read More