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Bernanke describes jobless recovery

[Skip to the end] Yes, and this is a massive political risk. The deficit is getting large enough to stabilize the economy at high levels of unemployment. With flat employment growth, and 2% productivity growth, real GDP grows at 2% and unemployment stays north of 8%. And the equity markets are in ...Read More

Fed funds rate, control of

[Skip to the end] Bernanke’s Cash Injections Risk Eclipse of Fed’s Benchmark Rate By Craig Torres Bernanke said in a congressional hearing yesterday that the expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet “makes it more difficult to control the federal funds rate.” It is “still an issue we are working on,” he told ...Read More

What’s next for the Fed?

[Skip to the end] Bernanke may seek new ways to ease credit as Fed rate nears 1% By Craig Torres Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) — Federal Reserve officials are likely to bring interest rates down so aggressively over the next few months that they will have to search for fresh tactics to continue ...Read More