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Re: BTIG Earnings Recap for January 23, 2008

(an email) On Jan 23, 2008 8:51 PM, Joshua wrote: > > Economy is in dire condition?!?!?! Look at today’s earnings reports and > forecasts…anecdotal, but not so dire at all! Yes, they’ve been forecasting recession for about a year … Continue reading

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The Fed’s next move

If I were a mainstream economist and on the FOMC (I’m not either, they are both), and world equity markets were firm going into the meeting next week with the monoline issue put to bed, I’d opt for no cut. … Continue reading

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Jan 23 late update

Monoline problem addressed, stocks suddenly oversold as that risk fades. Most earning look strong. Guidance may be soft but that’s at least partially a function of the expectation of a recession as per the media reporting and will get ignored … Continue reading

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Re: tell Paulson to let the MOF buy $

(an email) On Jan 23, 2008 9:26 AM, Mike wrote: > Trichet and his standard model are going to engineer a market crash in > europe it looks like… wonder if he will be FT’s man of the year next … Continue reading

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2008-01-23 US Daily Releases

MBA Purchase Index SA (Jan 18) Survey n/a Actual 439.90 Prior 461.20 Revised n/a No recession here. Mtg apps seem to be continuing on the upward trend that started several months ago. MBA Refinancing Index SA (Jan 18) Survey n/a … Continue reading

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ECB on inflation, again

Trichet expresses the mainstream view of monetary policy: “The financial market correction — it’s a very significant correction with turbulent episodes — that we are observing provides a reminder of how a disturbance in a particular market segment can propagate … Continue reading

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