Re: tell Paulson to let the MOF buy $

(an email)

On Jan 23, 2008 9:26 AM, Mike wrote:
> Trichet and his standard model are going to engineer a market crash in
> europe it looks like… wonder if he will be FT’s man of the year next
> year?

and he’s playing with fire with the lack of credible deposit insurance in the ecb’s member banks.

buy some 2 year german credit default ins if you haven’t already!

I think the ‘chess move’ here is for the BOJ to start buying $US. They would like to, but don’t want Paulson coming down on them for being ‘currency manipulators.’

If I were Tsy sec I’d be calling the MOF and giving them the green light to buy $US.

by the way, Jack Welch is on CNBC saying gdp is muddling along at 1.5% based on what he hears from corp america. no recession, yet