Saudi/Fed teamwork

Looks like markets are still trading with the assumption that as the Saudis/Russians hike prices the Fed will accommodate with rate cut. That’s a pretty good incentive for more Saudi/Russian oil price hikes, as if they needed any! Likewise, the US is a large exporter of grains and foods. Those prices are now linked to […]

Re: ffm questions

On Dec 18, 2007 1:09 AM, Scott Fullwiler wrote: > Hi Warren > > A few questions on your take on fed funds market data– > > Std dev of fed funds rate is way up since summer compared to normal, but > looking at the high-low numbers, the deviation (at least max deviation) is […]

Re: new fed lending facility

(an interoffice email) > – any chance they would take discount window rate down intra-meeting (or before year end) seems they don’t have to with this new ‘facility.’ > – have u evaluated the “loan auction” story? Seems a lot like ‘standard’ repo apart from accepting pretty much anything as collateral from member banks in […]