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high cost of groceries

[Skip to the end] >    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 1:25 AM, Roger wrote: >    >   birds eye view: my son’s 1st weekend back at Google hq in Mountain >   View after a visit home (he only buys food for weekends) >    >   can only get worse this year; >    >   the ...Read More

Reuters: Food price supports

[Skip to the end] more inflation. Prices are up due to short supplies due to biofuels and weather. And the political response is handing out funds to those in need, even though that doesn’t create more to eat. As previously discussed, governments have no choice but to step on the inflation pedal. ...Read More

AFP: Burning up more food for fuel

[Skip to the end] The monetary system will burn up the world’s food supply for fuel until the marginal individual about to starve to death has enough political influence to stop the process. I’m pretty sure that’s not the millionth one to die of starvation. And probably not the ten millionth. As ...Read More

June 9 Bernanke speech

[Skip to the end] Outstanding Issues in the Analysis of Inflation Nonetheless, much remains to be learned about both inflation forecasting and inflation control. In the spirit of this conference, my remarks this evening will highlight some key areas where additional research could help to provide a still-firmer foundation for monetary policymaking. ...Read More

May 2008 Saudi oil output up

[Skip to the end] Saudi Oil Production This does not bode well for oil prices. Increased Saudi output means demand has increased at current prices, and the Saudis (and Russians, etc.) remain firmly positioned as ‘price setter’. The Saudis continue to have the only excess supply, with about 1.5 million bpd excess ...Read More

Mexico’s poor get food cash bonus

Right, this was also suggested in a prior email- the political response towards a food shortage would be cash distributions. Assuming there actually is a world food shortage and the prices are indicative of a world market allocating by price, this doesn´t create any new food but simply adds upward pressure on ...Read More

Havana Billboard

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UBS: China’s energy imports soar by the back door!!!!

[Skip to the end] Report by Andrew at UBS LIMITED China – You will have seen in the FT that China plans to encourage its agricultural industry to start buying up land in Africa and Latin America to grow crops on for the Chinese market. Last year the Chinese National Development & ...Read More

Bloomberg: ‘Silent Famine’ as Food Soars

Seems they still think it is about money. Probably an actual shortage at this point. The political response will be to give people more funds to buy food that does not exist and drive prices ever higher. `Silent Famine’ as Food Soars, WFP Warns by Jason Gale and Paul Gordon (Bloomberg) A ...Read More

NYT: Let them eat corn

Says it all about politics: Fuel Choices, Food Crises and Finger-Pointing by Andrew Martin Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, called the recent criticism of ethanol by foreign officials “a big joke.” He questioned why they were not also blaming a drought in Australia that reduced the wheat crop and the ...Read More