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In paradigm Health Care criticism from the left

This Is Not The Way To Do Healthcare Reform: Democrats Propose Windfall For Insurance Industry By L. Randall Wray It is beginning to look like Congress is going to vote to pass health care legislation on Sunday. According to the NYTimes, Democrats are practically celebrating already. here It is interesting, however, that ...Read More

Social Security commentary published

[Skip to the end] Social Security: Another Case of Innocent Fraud? By Mathew Forstater and Warren Mosler August 6th — In his recent book, The Economics of Innocent Fraud, John Kenneth Galbraith surveys a number of false beliefs that are being perpetuated among the American people about how our society operates: innocent ...Read More

Re: liquidity or insolvency–does it matter?

(email with Randall Wray) On Dec 15, 2007 9:05 PM, Wray, Randall wrote: > By ________ > > This time the magic isn’t working. > > Why not? Because the problem with the markets isn’t just a lack of liquidity – there’s also a fundamental problem of solvency. > > Let me ...Read More

Wray discussion

(an email with Randall Wray)  On Dec 11, 2007 10:49 PM, Wray, Randall <[email protected]> wrote: > Warren: very respectfully, I suggest you might reconsider both your model of the fed’s reaction function as well as the likely course of the “real” economy. > > Whatever the fed might have said about “fighting ...Read More