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Clinton thanks China for buying US Treasury Securities

[Skip to the end] US, China Agree to Broaden Strategic Dialogue, Clinton Says by Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Eugene Tang Feb 22 (Bloomberg) — Clinton thanked China for its continued purchases of U.S. Treasury notes, demand for which is needed to pay for Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan. No it isn’t. It ...Read More

Clinton trying to get Asians to increase demand

[Skip to the end] A once in a lifetime opportunity to increase the US standard of living squandered. Increasing domestic demand unilaterally and letting the rest of the world grow via net exports to the US is in our best interest. Clinton begins Asia trip, calls for Global Economic Cooperation by Indira ...Read More

Pac Rim vows ‘Extraordinary’ steps

[Skip to the end] How about: ‘Conduct ongoing fiscal adjustments to support domestic demand at full employment levels?’ Not quite, but moving in that direction. They would all rather export than sell their output internally. Pacific Rim Leaders Vow Further ‘Extraordinary’ Steps on Crisis By Shamim Adam and Bill Faries Nov. 23- ...Read More

Re: Yen strength

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Yes! And it’s deep- Hungarian homeowners borrowed yen to buy their homes, for just one example. And with Japan an importer of all its crude, lower prices make yen that much harder to get, much like USD. And maybe even more so. >    >   On Fri, Oct ...Read More

EM Asia

[Skip to the end] Thailand Proposes Asia Pool $350 Billion for Crisis Not a good sign that they think they need that much in USD. Looks like they are too strung out on USDs. [top] ...Read More

2008-10-06 China News Highlights

[Skip to the end] Looks like our loss is going to be their gain due to our leaders being in this way over their heads. Highlights Premier: China’s steady growth can help China May Move to Revive Sagging Property Market, JPMorgan Says China May Maintain Fast Growth Amid Crisis, Premier Wen Says ...Read More

Bloomberg: Bank run in HK

[Skip to the end] This happens all the time with fixed exchange rates and currency boards. The only way for banks to get ‘real’ (convertible) $HK for their depositors is to buy them from the monetary authority with $US. That usually means banks have to borrow $US to meet withdrawals of $HK, ...Read More

Re: Roach-Stagflation

[Skip to the end] (an email exchange) A few of things: First, the rising wages in the 70’s led to bracket creep that put the budget in surplus in 1979 and resulted in a severe recession soon after. This time around it is unlikely the inflation takes much of a dent out ...Read More

Re: Korea

[Skip to the end] (an interoffice email) > > On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 5:05 AM, Sean wrote: > > Today Korea announced a plan to spend $10bb to counter the effects of > rising oil prices. The $100bb will include tax rebates and subsidizing > power providers. This is with ...Read More