Caterpillar report – what export economies look like

Caterpillar Sees ‘Definite Threat’ of US Recession (CNBC)Caterpillar’s fourth-quarter earnings rose more than 10 percent, helped by strong sales to mining, energy and construction customers outside the United States, but the company warned it sees a recession as a “definite threat” to the U.S. economy. The Peoria, Ill. company, which is often seen as an […]

Meltdown?, continued..

Weakness: Equity markets still heading down. Commodity markets anticipate slowing demand. Credit markets anticipate additional rate cuts. First, a word on the bond insurers: A Fed rate cut won’t address the risk that an insurer failure could trigger panic selling by bond holders that require AAA ratings to hold their bonds. The Fed could offer […]

Re: media influence

On Jan 21, 2008 6:45 PM, Bobby wrote: > Hi > > Don’t you think the Media has something to do with this. Hi, yes definitely, and it’s always that way- goes with the territory. adds to volatility. Every time you turn on the TV, open a newspaper, read the web, it says we are […]