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[Skip to the end] Wonder if our administration will go after them the way it is going after China for doing same. Bad to buy dollars and US treasury securities vs your currency to support your exports — currency manipulation. Good to buy dollars to buy treasury securities to, in the words of Secretary of […]

SNB Not Pursuing ‘Beggar-Thy-Neighbor’ Policy, Roth Tells FT

[Skip to the end] Looks like he’s been reading my blog. It is a beggar thy neighbor policy, by definition. SNB Not Pursuing ‘Beggar-Thy-Neighbor’ Policy, Roth Tells FT by Simone Meier Mar 17 (Bloomberg) — Swiss central bank President Jean- Pierre Roth said the bank is ready to stem further gains in the Swiss currency […]

Fed to lend in unlimited quantites to foreign CBs??? (Update1)

[Skip to the end] This is hard to believe. Those CBs don’t have unlimited USD. So, if true, they will be borrowing them from the Fed via an extension of Fed swap lines. The FOMC has approved lines of $620 billion as last reported. This is functionally unsecured lending to these CBs. Repayment can only […]

ECB Mersch on inflation

ECB’s Mersch Says Oil Must Not Boost Other Prices by Simone Meier (Bloomberg) European Central Bank council member Yves Mersch said a surge in oil prices must not be allowed to lead to permanently faster inflation, Luxembourg’s Wort newspaper reported, citing an interview. Yes, that is the mainstream view – don’t turn a relative value […]