Comments on Brian Wesbury article

He’s got the data right, and I agree with all he concludes from it. All he’s missing is the difference he points two between now (unlimited funds available) and The Great Depression (banks short of lendable funds), including what the Fed presumably ‘did’ each time, are the differences between the constraints of the gold standard […]

Gasoline demand

this doesn’t look like the stuff of recession: FUNDAMENTALS TO SUPPORT Barclays Capital said gasoline demand indications from the U.S., the world’s largest consumer, have been robust. “Gasoline is showing the strongest year-on-year growth in demand for January-to-date,” it said in a research note. “In each of the past six years, February has marked the […]

Re: BTIG Earnings Recap for January 23, 2008

(an email) On Jan 23, 2008 8:51 PM, Joshua wrote: > > Economy is in dire condition?!?!?! Look at today’s earnings reports and > forecasts…anecdotal, but not so dire at all! Yes, they’ve been forecasting recession for about a year and it keeps getting put off a quarter. Now the term is morphing to ‘growth […]

No recession, yet..

No Recession, yet.. Demand drop of 1% of GDP began over a year ago when home buying by subprime borrowers ceased.. And exports picked up the slack.And with housing as low as it is, further reductions, if any, will have minimal macro effects. Losses not that large so far, only about $100 billion in write […]

A tale of mixed metaphors

Ben Bernanke will save the world, but first we bleed Posted by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on 14 Dec 2007 at 12:48 The Bernanke ‘Put’ has expired. Are Bernanke’s academic doctrines blurring his vision? The Fed cuts a quarter point, and what happens? Wall Street’s ungrateful wretches knock 294 off the Dow 294 in an hour and […]