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A note from S&P’s John Chambers

This makes me sleep a lot better… November 15, 2011 Dear Warren, On Nov. 11-12, I spoke at the Caixin Summit 2011 in Beijing on the subject of who will solve the debt crisis. My comments pertained to the euro area and to the rest of the world, and I stated that, ...Read More

Ed Rombach on S&P negative outlook

Good report from Ed Rombach Link here. ...Read More

FT: US credit rating under threat

Seems no end to the stupidity that continues to spew out from all kinds of places. You’d think the ratings agencies would have learned their lesson with Japan – downgraded below Botswana and still funded JGB’s at under 1% for years until the BOJ raised rates. And last I saw ten year ...Read More

2008-03-25 US Economic Releases

S&P-CS Home Price Index (Jan) Survey n/a Actual 180.7 Prior 184.9 Revised 185.0 S&P-CS Composite-20 YoY (Jan) Survey -10.5% Actual -10.7% Prior -9.1% Revised -9.0% Still falling.  January/Winter numbers.  Lagging indicators. Just kicked in in March. Consumer Confidence (Mar) Survey 73.5 Actual 64.5 Prior 75.0 Revised 76.4 Down sharply, a lagging indicator, ...Read More

2007-12-26 US Economic Releases

S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index (Oct) Survey n/a Actual 192.9 Prior 195.6 Revised 195.7 S&P/CS Composite-20 YoY (Oct) Survey -5.7% Actual -6.1% Prior 4.9% Revised n/a S&P/CS 20 MoM (Oct) Survey n/a Actual -1.42% Prior -0.84% Revised n/a % Change -69.05% S&P/Case-Shiller TABLE Survey 1 Actual -4 Prior 0 Revised n/a It’s a ...Read More