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[Skip to the end] Wonder if Fisher cut a deal not to dissent for the hawkish inflation language? Karim writes: Decision (no cut) may be hawkish relative to expectations, but wording mostly dovish. 1st paragraph-all changes highlight downside risks to gwth; slowing export gwth a new wrinkle in addition to the usual ...Read More

Live Video: Tuesday, March 18th @ 11AM EST!

Topic: Discussion of March 18th FOMC meeting. Airs: Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 @ 11AM EST If you have an advanced questions, please email [email protected] or leave a comment; otherwise, call (339) 368-6098 during the video conference. ...Read More

Mar 15 update

The question for the Fed: Will further rate cuts help or hurt the credit crisis? The Fed has been cutting to support the financial sector, and address risks (as they see them) of financial sector issues spilling over to the real sector. How does the Fed see rate cuts helping the financial ...Read More

Business Wire: JPMorgan Chase and NY Fed

Similar to the beginning of the end of the 1998 crisis when D bank bot Banker’s Trust when BT couldn’t fund itself, and then D bank funded Lehman and other dealers in a similar position to where Bear was yesterday. Back then it happened after a three 25bp fed rate cuts. This ...Read More

Plosser Speech

Plosser is perhaps the most hawkish Fed president. Look for a dove to speak soon to soften this stance? (intro remarks deleted) The FOMC and Monetary Policy Objectives In conducting monetary policy, the FOMC seeks to foster financial conditions, including growth of money and credit and a level of short-term interest rates, ...Read More

FOMC preview

My guess is the GDP forecast the Fed is now getting from it’s staff is not a downgrade from previous forecasts, and may even be an upgrade due to: The blowout durable goods numbers The drops in claims following the high unemployment number The private forecasts on average show 65,000 new jobs ...Read More