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Warren on WRKO

Warren Mosler on Ben Bernanke’s comments from yesterday ...Read More

Submissions for Free Kindle Books

The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy will be free on Kindle this weekend. ...Read More

Saudi production down to 9 million bpd

Demand for their output is falling, but still plenty high to be ‘price setter’ ...Read More

Brits May Have to Work Until 75, Thanks to China

Stupid taken to new heights. Retirement is about no longer producing real goods and services and instead living off of the real output of others, incuding China’s exports to you. The only way this could make any sense is if China somehow was going to force the UK to net export at ...Read More

Efficiency of China’s economy ‘sliding’

More evidence the Chicago educated offspring have taken charge. Good luck to them… Efficiency of China’s economy ‘sliding’ Feb 28 — The efficiency of China’s economy is slipping, with money flowing much slower betweendifferent sectors than in the past, according to analysts. They said this is despite the fact that the nation ...Read More

Euro-Area Inflation

I wonder if any of the early models had this much ‘inflation’ with this large of an output gap… Euro-Area Inflation Rate Declined in January on Energy, Services By Angeline Benoit February 28 (Bloomberg) — The euro-area inflation rate fell in January, led by slower price growth for energy and services. Annual ...Read More

Comments on the Italian election results

With austerity now well understood to increase deficits, only PSI remains to decrease deficits. With strong political support surfacing, as per Grillo’s positions on repudiating debt. So there is the deflationary impact of PSI. The flight to maybe actual cash even at the institutional level to avoid PSI. Portfolio shifts out of ...Read More

OpenEurope: What Happens Next in Italy?

The Grillo factor Beppe Grillos Five Star Movement received over 25% of the vote exceeding all expectations. Though Berlusconi and Grillo are both populist and anti-austerity, in many ways, theyre also each others antithesis one representing the old sclerotic system, the other a new, impulsive anti-establishment future. Grillo is clearly a new ...Read More

China Needs Tighter Monetary Policy, State Research Agency Says

The narratives of the last few months leave me not expecting a lot from China. Not long ago 7.5% growth was described as a ‘hard landing’ and it probably still means same. The out of paradigm western educated kids are probably now well entrenched and we all know what that means. China ...Read More

Mortgage Bankers purchase applications

Been generally improving from highly depressed levels. And may be faltering with fica hike, sequester, etc. While there is some question of whether mtg bankers are losing market share, it still tells me it’s all nowhere near triggering a Fed hike any time soon. ...Read More