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Comments on the Italian election results

With austerity now well understood to increase deficits, only PSI remains to decrease deficits. With strong political support surfacing, as per Grillo’s positions on repudiating debt. So there is the deflationary impact of PSI. The flight to maybe actual cash even at the institutional level to avoid PSI. Portfolio shifts out of ...Read More

OpenEurope: What Happens Next in Italy?

The Grillo factor Beppe Grillos Five Star Movement received over 25% of the vote exceeding all expectations. Though Berlusconi and Grillo are both populist and anti-austerity, in many ways, theyre also each others antithesis one representing the old sclerotic system, the other a new, impulsive anti-establishment future. Grillo is clearly a new ...Read More

quick look ahead for the euro zone

After describing since inception how the euro zone was going to get to where it is, here’s my guess on what’s coming next.   First, to recap, it took them long enough and it got bad enough before they did it, but they did decide to ‘do what it takes’ to end ...Read More