Daily Archive: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Republicans, fearing Greece, agreeing to tax hikes

Shows the Republicans truly do fear the US becoming the next Greece, as they begin to lean towards tax hikes. Meanwhile, they continue keeping us on the road to Japan. Or worse. A lot worse. Republicans Consider Breaking No-Tax Vow as Deadline Looms By Brian Faler November 15 (Bloomberg) — For Senator ...Read More

Retail Sales/Empire/PPI/Evans- GDP remains firm

As previously discussed, GDP looks to be growing sequentially, and should do fine next year if fiscal policy doesn’t tighten. But still not so good for people working for a living, pretty good for corporate earnings. And risks remain- Europe, China, Super Committee, etc. etc. And look for a relief rally if ...Read More

A note from S&P’s John Chambers

This makes me sleep a lot better… November 15, 2011 Dear Warren, On Nov. 11-12, I spoke at the Caixin Summit 2011 in Beijing on the subject of who will solve the debt crisis. My comments pertained to the euro area and to the rest of the world, and I stated that, ...Read More

Trading Desk reports “mayhem” in the AAA Eurozone markets

I just received this. Seems money managers with fiduciary responsibility are holding off on buying any euro member securities since the 50% Greek haircuts were announced. Our Trading Desk reports “mayhem” in the AAA Eurozone markets – France 11bps wider – Netherlands 6bps wider France now 178bps over Germany Increasing talk/fear of ...Read More

Korea Exports decline

Not wrong to think ‘falling off a cliff’ after reading this. Global demand is softening as public sector deficit spending remains insufficient to offset the relatively low levels of private sector ‘borrowing to spend’: S.KOREA REVISED OCT EXPORTS +8.0 PCT YR/YR VS PROVISIONAL +9.3 PCT REPORTED EARLIER S.KOREA SAYS OCT EXPORTS TO ...Read More