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Reuters Insider Videos

Warren on Reuters Insider: Deficit Cuts Could Lead to Depression, Hedge Fund Head Says After the Quake: Japan Avoids Currency Manipulator Status The Fed Has It All Wrong, Hedge Fund Manager Mosler Says

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BoJ Gov Shirakawa – Japan’s Fiscal Situation “Very Severe”

Because they think they could be the next Greece they *are* Japan. BOJ’s Shirakawa Says Japan’s Fiscal Situation Is ’Very Severe’ By Mayumi Otsuma March 23 (Bloomberg) — Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said that while Japan’s fiscal situation … Continue reading

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Nikkei story

>    >   For those who think that Japan will pull out all the stops and throw a lot of money at the >   recovery effort: >    Thanks, Also, the highest numbers I’ve seen are maybe 5% of GDP spread out over maybe … Continue reading

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