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ECB statements

[Skip to the end] ECB’s Stark Says Economy May Recover Sooner Than Forecast Stark Says State Debt May Boost Long-Term Market Rates, BZ Says *ECB’S STARK SEES `NO BIG PROBLEMS’ UNWINDING ASSET PURCHASES *ECB’S STARK COMMENTS IN INTERVIEW WITH BOERSEN-ZEITUNG … Continue reading

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US Consumption and Tax Policy

[Skip to the end] Some interesting bits. Supports my contention that we are seeing real wealth flowing upward and will continue to do so. Note the distribution of consumption, which has been moving north as well. Proposed tax policy won’t … Continue reading

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Trade/FOMC Preview/China Exports/Stimulus hangups

[Skip to the end] Karim writes: Trade: Exports up 2%, Imports up 2.3%. Imports ex-petroleum down 1% and consumer goods imports down 4.8%. Sector strength mainly in industrial goods (restocking), but indicators of final demand still look weak. Don’t look … Continue reading

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Zombie Economy: European Industrial Production Unexpectedly Declines

[Skip to the end] Looks to me like the world hit a ‘soft spot’ in July, maybe due to the winding down of China’s suspected ‘inventory building.’ CPI’s continue to fall in the Eurozone indicating continuing domestic demand weakness. Strong … Continue reading

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