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2007-12-06 US Economic Releases

Initial Jobless Claims (Dec 1) Survey 335K Actual 338K Prior 352K Revised 353K Down from the week before, chart still looks like a modest up move has taken place. Still comfortably below the 375-400K level that would signal a slowdown. … Continue reading

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Update: balance of risks since October 31st

Conclusion ♥ Jury still out pending tomorrow’s employment number and pre meeting developments. ♥ Labor markets stronger than expected, inflation about as expected. While several funding spreads have widened vs fed funds, absolute rates for reasonable quality mtgs. and corp. … Continue reading

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Re: more in ism

(an interoffice email) > ADP came in higher than expected and caused most dealers to raise their > payroll forecasts. > > Productivity revised UP to 6.3% vs 4.9%preliminary. Unit Labor Costs revised > to DOWN 2% vs. -0.2% preliminary. … Continue reading

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Re: credit recap

Blood flowing around the clot. Markets functioning to keep the ‘real economy’ moving along. This will take some of the bid for bank LIBOR funding away as well. Credit Recap Source: Bear Stearns Credit Research. The wave of new supply … Continue reading

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Re: BBC E-mail: UK interest rates trimmed to 5.5%

(email) Philip, Yes, thanks. Might be to ‘give room’ to the Fed or maybe the modern version of ‘trade wars’ being played out? The UK is saying to the US there’s a limit to using the $ as a ‘weapon’ … Continue reading

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Re: change of govt = change of practice

(Email) On Dec 5, 2007 11:50 PM, Wray, Randall wrote: > Bill: thanks. Yes I think the data are overwhelming for very serious problems, for deep recession, and for rate cuts. the problems to the real economy aren’t showing up … Continue reading

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