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Bernanke Testimony March 3

[Skip to the end] Let your Washington contacts know I’m available to help them formulate their questions! SENATE COMMITTEE ON THE BUDGET HOLDS A HEARING ON ECONOMIC AND BUDGET CHALLENGES MARCH 3, 2009 WITNESSES: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BOARD OF GOVERNORS CHAIRMAN BEN BERNANKE GREGG: Thank you, Senator Wyden. And thank you, Mr. ...Read More

Excerpt from Bernanke’s testimony

[Skip to the end] BROWN: Specifically, what worked that Roosevelt did? What did we learn from that? What worked that applies to now? BERNANKE: Well, there were two things that he did almost within months of taking office that were extremely important. One was the bank holiday and the subsequent measures, like ...Read More

Dodd’s novel idea for subprime borrowers

Dodd’s bill has similar goals to one passed by House lawmakers last month. It would enact stricter standards for subprime loans made to borrowers with poor credit — and for other “nontraditional” loans that allow borrowers to defer principal or interest payments, according to an outline distributed at a briefing for reporters ...Read More