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Bloomberg: from Fisher the hawk

While Fisher is perhaps the most hawkish voting member and voted against Bernanke at the last meeting, continuously rising crude/food prices and a not so large output gap are causing more voting members to firm their anti-inflation rhetoric in recent weeks: Fisher Says Credit Markets May Not Force Fed to Act by ...Read More

Bloomberg: Fed Sees Rate Low `for a Time’ Then Possible Reversal

Fed Sees Rate Low `for a Time’ Then Possible Reversal (Update1) by Scott Lanman (Bloomberg) Federal Reserve officials signaled they are prepared to quickly reverse last month’s interest-rate cuts after concluding that borrowing costs need to be kept low for now. Policy makers cut their 2008 growth forecasts and said that rates ...Read More

Fed communications

If conveying information is considered important for market function, why not just say it clearly and directly in a targeted announcement? Kohn Says Fed Is Trying to Signal When Views Shift `Materially’ 2008-01-05 11:15 (New York) By Scott Lanman and Steve Matthews (Bloomberg) Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Donald Kohn said the central ...Read More