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Putin on natural gas prices

[Skip to the end] Right…. Fears of OPEC-style gas cartel unfounded: Putin Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday any fears that some countries could form an OPEC-style gas cartel were unfounded. [top] ...Read More

Nat gas

[Skip to the end] It was deregulated back in the 1970s, which brought out vast supplies causing utilities to substitute gas for oil and eventually break OPEC. I don’t see that kind of supply response lurking today. The Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 In November of 1978, at the peak of ...Read More

Re: Roach-Stagflation

[Skip to the end] (an email exchange) A few of things: First, the rising wages in the 70’s led to bracket creep that put the budget in surplus in 1979 and resulted in a severe recession soon after. This time around it is unlikely the inflation takes much of a dent out ...Read More