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China Services PMI Falls To Record Low On Weak New Order Inflows

This report leaves open the hard landing possibility, as defined by GDP growth under 6%: China Services PMI Falls To Record Low On Weak New Order Inflows September 5 (RTTNews) — An indicator of the health of China’s service sector fell to a record low in August, on the back of weak ...Read More

Ch News

More slowing noises. Jury still out on possible hard landing (GDP under 6%), and elements of the ongoing inflation fight sustains downside risks as well. The cuts in deficit spending and state lending hurt the economy, as the higher interest rates from the bank of china keep upward prices on inflation. And ...Read More

China’s second half now in progress

With govt lending and spending ‘front loaded’ into the first quarter the second half slows down relative to the first, and the first half was just ok this year. Headlines: China’s June Home Prices Slow in Major Cities, SouFun Says China June PMI hits 28-mth low as global slowdown bites China’s GDP ...Read More

China- Growth of FDI slowing

With its capital constraints FDI has been channel for speculative inflows to facilitate bets on yuan appreciation. While month to month numbers are volatile, they’re worth keeping an eye on. In the long run inflation weakens a currency. Also, JPM yesterday suggested increased risk of what they called a hard landing Growth ...Read More

CH Daily | New yuan lending falls to 2.24 trillion

More evidence of restricted state lending as the fight against inflation continues. To their credit, no signs of an actual hard landing yet, but the battle is still on. China’ new loans stand at 2.24t yuan in Q1 (Xinhua) The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country’s central bank, said that new ...Read More