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EU Proposes Intrusive Control of Euro Zone Budgets

Another prelude to Germany supporting the ECB funding support that will end the solvency issue falling into place: EU exec proposes intrusive control of euro zone budgets By Luke Baker and Jan Strupczewski November 23 (Reuters) — The Commission, the executive arm of the 27-member European Union, presented a draft regulation which ...Read More


Didn’t say ‘only’ objective. Subtle shift? BN 11/23 15:59 *REHN SAYS ECB’S MAIN OBJECTIVE IS PRICE STABILITY ...Read More

CNBC’s John Carney invokes MMT again

How High Should Taxes Get on the Wealthy? By John Carney Good to see John Carney invoking MMT again! My conclusion would have been with today’s shortage of aggregate demand we are grossly over taxing for inflation prevention, and so, a FICA suspension is the way to go vs a tax cut ...Read More

relief rally musings

The German 10 year just traded above 1.9%. The 10th plague is now beginning to threaten the Pharaoh. If I were cynical I’d think it would go down something like this: First, German insiders give the nod to their cronies. The Great European Relief Rally begins. The euro begins to firm, stocks ...Read More


Seems the logical consequence of hair cutting Greek debt and announcing it may happen to other member nations? That said, would not surprise me to soon be hearing hints of something like: ‘ECB bond buying not necessarily inflationary if combined with austerity’ coming out of Germany, triggering a massive ‘relief rally’ that ...Read More

Germany takes the world down, take 3?

Looks like for the third time in the last 100 years the world fiddles while Germany torches it? Germany now stands pretty much alone in objecting to the ECB writing the check on the grounds that it’s inflationary, when it’s clearly not. But, unfortunately, the rest of the world’s political and economic ...Read More

Fed’s Williams:Fiscal Policy Actions ‘Badly Needed’

A step in the right direction: Fed’s Williams:Fiscal Policy Actions ‘Badly Needed’ Fri Nov 18 14:04:45 2011 EST –The Federal Reserve’s actions have not been enough to deliver a robust recovery –The recovery has been hurt by the decline in housing and stock prices, tightening of credit and uncertainty in Europe –Fiscal ...Read More

SPR release winding down

This chart of West Texas crude prices vs Brent north sea crude prices was done a few days ago, with the spread subsequently narrowing further to under $10. As previously discussed a few weeks ago, with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release initiated by President Obama now winding down, the glut in Cushing ...Read More

The turkeys have voted for Thanksgiving

Reader’s comment on the post on Spanish voters supporting austerity: Adam (ak) Submitted on 2011/11/20 at 4:05pm So in the country where the official unemployment rate is 22.6% the party promising further fiscal austerity has an unassailable lead? Awesome. The turkeys have voted for Thanksgiving. ...Read More

Spanish Voters Set to Throw Out Socialists in Election

As previously discussed, there is virtually no political support to leave the euro, as it’s not intuitively obvious the euro is the problem. It is intuitively obvious, however, that the problem was irresponsible govt and so the move towards responsible govt- aka austerity- continues. The euro economy can be easily ‘fixed’ and ...Read More