Daily Archive: Tuesday, December 15, 2009


[Skip to the end] Karim writes: CPI Headline CPI +0.4% and core +0.034% OER -0.1% and volatile items largely offsetting (lodging away from home -1.5% vs tobacco +1% and vehicles +0.8% (after +1.7% prior month)) Favorable base effects for core coming in H1 2010 should see y/y drift to 1% from current ...Read More

Eurobond Being Mulled Again Amid Fears Over Greece

[Skip to the end] Looks like it’s serious enough for this, thanks. And anything done at the national level serves to weaken the group as a whole. Eurobond Being Mulled Again Amid Fears Over Greece> 2009-12-15 15:40:15.949 GMT PARIS (MNI) – Eurozone leaders, reacting to worries about the situation in Greece and ...Read More

Obama vision

[Skip to the end] Yes, this is the essence of the Tea Party movement, And so far the President has at best refrained from directly addressing these concerns. At worst he’s been dismissive, leaving the growing impression that indeed that is his vision, even as his approval ratings plummet. ...Read More

Bill Dudley’s Speech

[Skip to the end] >    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 8:36 AM, wrote: >    >   I was reading Bill Dudley’s speech from last week and can’t figure out why he’s saying >   some things that are at best misleading. >    >   Mr. Dudley’s overall remarks were interesting, helpful and encouraging in ...Read More

Iraq to increase crude production

[Skip to the end] This would be a game changer if they do it and pump all that: BAGHDAD Petroleumworld.com, Dec 14, 2009 Iraq struck deals with several foreign energy giants to nearly triple its oil output in an auction that ended on Saturday, as the country bids to become one of ...Read More