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Re: GDP/claims

(an interoffice email) On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 9:38 AM, Karim wrote:   Housing and business capex weaker than originally estimated; exports stronger All above offset to leave gwth at 0.6% annualized in Q4 Yes, nominal growth falls to … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Calpers to Increase Commodity Assets to as Much as $7.2 Billion

And 3% of assets is on the low side. I think most were targeting 4% allocations, and now I’m hearing some are moving north of 10%, which should keep the commodities going for quite a while. Calpers to Increase Commodity … Continue reading

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TIPS 5yr 5yr fwd

One of the Fed’s favorite inflation expectation indicators continues to look to be breaking out. All pre/post ‘July 2006 pause’ progress has been reversed. TIPS 5yr 5yr fwd

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Re: Bernanke/data

(an interoffice email) Yes, and he reaffirmed that he’s using the futures prices to predict where prices are going.  He pointed to crude being at $95 in the back months and stated that translates to a forecast for prices to … Continue reading

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New home sales

Weak winter sales, but the absolute number of homes in inventory did go down again and is well off the highs. A modest pickup in the sales rate will now translate into a larger drop in the number of months … Continue reading

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